Take All Of Me

I am not here
To simply
Be an afterthought,

Or whim.

I am not here
To be a fling,

Your momentary satisfaction.

I am here…

I am here to be
The man you always
Dreamed of.

To be your bridge
Over life’s turbulent,
Troubled waters.

To be the lover
That richly colors
Your sensations,
And passions.

To be the partner
You wished for…


Forever devoted to…


Take this moment,
To consider
What could be…

What a life together
Could mean…

For you,

For me,

For us.

Listen now,
In the quiet
Of your heart,

Listen to
The whisper
Of our hope.

My commitment…

Is not simply
A part of me,

My commitment
Is totality.

I just need you
To take me,

Take not just
A part,

But now,
And forever…

Take all of me.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

59 thoughts on “Take All Of Me

  1. My dearest dearest friend even when you’ll be in grace of her arms, you will still be writing long verses, once a poet always poet. Just look at us your writing to hold someone while many are writing just to escape somoneone. Aren’t we all sailing in same boat stalked by dolphins :). Loved your poem as always! Thumbs up!

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    1. Thanks Tanya, I so much appreciate your thoughts…and I guess you’re right. This bleeding of words that I started the summer of 2017 can no longer be staunched.

      And yes…we are sailing in the same boat…for sure!


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      1. Honestly my friend it’s more difficult to be physically with someone and try to fill intense loneliness with verses than being alone in the world. At least once you are alone you have hope but when you are with someone and feeling pangs of loneliness it’s hoplessnes! But I bet you can’t stop writing once you begin!

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      2. I so get what you’re saying…

        So get that.

        And, now, I can’t stop writing. It’s the only thing I want to do when I get home each day. That’s a problem…

        I guess.


      3. To be sure…

        In the evenings,
        When all is quiet,
        And I have my words,
        And my bourbon,

        I feel the need to free my thoughts.

        It’s one of my many deficiencies.


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      4. That’s another exceptional idea!!!

        What I need to do as well, is come up with my new wine/chocolate pairings/and poetry menu for this winter.

        Maybe I should post that!

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      5. So…that is an incredible idea!!! We can have a WP Poetry/wine/chocolate pairing and invite all comers!!!!

        Brilliant Tanya…just brilliant!!

        Would you collaborate with me to help set it up?

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    1. Vielen Danke!!!

      I wish I could remember more of my German, but I haven’t used it in so long. Sigh. And I must tell you that I so much enjoy your posts! That gives me a chance to practice my German before seeing the translation.

      Thank you!

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      1. My grandparents moved from where they lived to the country , but my grandfather’s job was still in the city. So he would have to stay out of town and only was able to come home on weekend’s. I live a similar life.. But as soon as he retired they had time to spend , all thier time together and in the end she stuck through it all with him now they can have that time together.

        I guess it just takes the right person to stand by someone until they’re time together comes.

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      2. I think you are exactly right Jamie.

        There are so many challenges in life.

        Seems to me it all boils down to expectations, teamwork, and a sense of a common vision of forever.

        Just my two cents…

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    1. Thank you so much Gianna.

      I’m exposing my stupidity in that I did not mean to post that. Probably mentioned before that I have the very bad habit of editing in the


      1. I try to think why I let that happen.

        Maybe because setting free the words is so important to my mind. Even though my thoughts are not fully developed for public consumption, my heart feels that it has set those thoughts free.


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      2. I lived a good deal of my life being proper, perfect, silent, and nice. It took chaos to open up the space for words and I am still struggling to be brave enough to speak my truth. Your accidental post was enlightening. Thank you.

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    2. So…I’ll start again.

      I was editing and really wasn’t ready to post…but lost track of the schedule I had set for posting. Very in-submariner of me. Details matter, and I failed to execute that properly.


      1. That, Gianna, is so very kind of you to say.

        I do feel very strongly about the theme of that (now pending) piece…

        That each of us needs that special person that doesn’t simply hear our words…

        But truly listens…


        And is so beautifully connected.

        That’s the point I’ll be trying to explain.

        Once I get myself squared away.



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