Just Feel The Beat


Percy Sledge
Just came on…

“When a Man Loves a Woman,”

And I can hardly breathe,

Just listening,

And just looking



At the kitchen table,
On this Friday night,

In your pajamas,
A cup of hot tea,

Trying to open the mail…

Or something like that.

So beautiful.

All I could think about,
Was drawing you

And tightly,

To my chest,

Just to dance
Our dance,

So slowly,
So passionately.

Figuring you wouldn’t mind,
I came up behind you,
Rested my hands
On your shoulders,
And whispered
In your ear,

“Dance with me.”

And in doing so,

Became one,
Flowing in the perfect
Rhythm of life,
And love,

Forgetting about
All the worries,
All the challenges,

And just taking
A few precious moments
To truly live.

Me just wanting you…

Wanting you
To feel the beat,

Feel the beat
Of the melodious music,

Feel the beat
Of the soulful lyrics,

And feel the beat,

The deep,

Beat of my heart.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

18 thoughts on “Just Feel The Beat

      1. You’re welcome!! Your love poems are really great!! I think you would make a great romance novelist! 😊

        Ok, take your time no rush.. I look forward to reading whenever its ready !! This is so much fun!!! 😊!

        Liked by 1 person

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