…And Be Loved In Return

How is it,

That you,

Beautiful you,

Find me,


When no one else can…

In the deep
Dark abyss
Of self-doubt,

Under the untenable pressure
That does not forge strength,

But rather,
Stresses my steel
To the point of failure,

The indelicate turmoil,
Of life’s challenges…


But just your fingertips,
Gently gracing my lips,

Your warmth,
So proximate,
The salve
Of your healing…

My anxious heart,
So needing.

And your eyes,
Opening a vision
To my forever peace,

Your eyes
So lustrous,
And rich,

So clearly
Foretell our future,

And help me see
Beyond the conflict
Of my now,

To the distant dream,
Of resting in your arms,

Needing nothing more.

Now I understand,
And fully accept,
That my life doesn’t
Need to be complex…

No challenge needs
To seem overwhelming,

For there are
Only two things
That I will
Forever desire,

Only two things
That really matter…

Just to love you,

And be loved

In return.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

39 thoughts on “…And Be Loved In Return

    1. Dorothy…

      Wow…I just listened to Natalie’s rendition of “Nature Boy.” Firstly, she is beautiful. Secondly, her voice is completely captivating.


      I just closed my eyes and consumed the words…

      And I was taken to a special place.

      Thank you so much for your insight…and beautiful connection.

      I loved it!

      So many thanks!


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