At The Intersection Of Reckoning



Exposed to the reality
Of the inconvenient,

My heart can no longer


Or disbelieve.

Gathering against the angst
Of life’s uncertainty,

Wanting so desperately
To soften the edges of loneliness,

I search each corner
Of the innermost…

Grasping for emotional intrepidity
And another chance to live,

But so afraid of
Three simple words…

The words

“I love you,”

On the tip of my tongue,
So urgently needing to be spoken,
Given to you,

But hushed by
My heart’s compelling fear
of wreckage.

You’ve reached deeply into me,
Gently coaxing
With the elegance of your grace,

Whispering your strength
And courage,
To clothe my emotional bareness,

Offering the hope of surety,
And safety…

But bringing me once more
To that inconvenient reality
Of setting free
Those three words,

And the raw risk,
Of doing so.

Leaving me here,

Longing for your touch,
But so burdened
By the weakness of self-doubt,

And trying to
Search for the
The way ahead.


At the intersection

Of my heart’s reckoning.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

53 thoughts on “At The Intersection Of Reckoning

  1. My heart drops reading these words, but in a good way. It’s so scary wanting to say those words to someone, but fearing the worst. So it stays inside bottled up. It’s like internal torment and you beautifully painted that feeling, my friend. Really well done. 🙂

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    1. Those are the words “an internal torment,” that perfectly frame what I was trying to say, Brandi. Thank you for understanding, and your continuous support!!!! I’m so grateful my friend!!!!!

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      1. Like I told you before, you have a gift at conveying these emotions well because it comes from a deep and sincere place. Never lose sight of that. It’s what makes your poetry unique and heartfelt, Bill. 🙂
        You are always welcome for my support, my friend! Keep doing what you’re doing. 😊

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  2. The poem is very much in league with T.S Elliot’s Love Song of Alfred J Prufrock. A mature man marred with self-doubt contemplating over love . The line burdening by self doubt…summarizes the whole dilemma. It is intense and brings forth the intense longing as well as the doubts and dilemmas. I for once like it due to its raw emotions, indecision and apprehension for confessing love.
    My literary Analysis of The poem…

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    1. Excellent poem and analysis, Tanya and Bill! You both nailed it: a mature man’s life of self-doubt concerning love, so relatable for a female soul as well. A poem with a lovely flow, vulnerable, passionate and direct as it is characteristic of you, Bill. That is why I so love your poems. They always speak to me and I guess to any eternally infatuated soul. I am so glad about the comparison with T.S.Elliot’s poem. He is one of my favorite poets ever. And yes, I agree with you, Tanya, there is certain reminiscence of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”:

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      1. Hi Marta! So, I just ordered Mario’s book, and so much look forward to reading it! I may not have mentioned that I’ve already begun creation of my first eBook. I have a formatter, publicist and illustrator helping me. Can’t wait!! Mario’s book will not only be a great read…but will also inspire the final formulation of my book’s style. 🙂

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  3. your words carry much truth about the duality of love – those three words bring more fear than it should. but if love is supposed to be pure why is it so confused and still searching for truth. I like it when poetry like this makes me think more about the meaning of love that we assign to it. one of your best pieces Bill, the layers of emotional resistance and head over heart moments – really beautifully structured and interwoven.

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    1. Gina, I’m so thankful for your thoughts. And I so much agree. How can 3 words be so troublesome, and exhilarating? The fear of failure, and eternal happiness…therein lies the complexity of the human experience.


      I so much appreciate your comments and support!!


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      1. my pleasure to read and delve into the human story, your poetry fascinates me and also kindles a response of my own heart.

        that human experience can either make us or break us, learning to let go will take us back to a simpler love, which it is meant to be anyway. i feel upset how the world can complicate love.

        fear of failure and also unworthiness, so messed up with the purity of love being given unselfishly, don’t you think so?

        keep on writing these really wonderful thoughts, they are very appreciated.

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