The Beautiful Transcendence of Clarity

So many
Wander through
The sepia days of life,


Or unwilling,

To look beyond
The dull shades of the ordinary.

Empty of soul,

Unaware of the panoply
Of beauty in the nearness
Of their touch…

If they would simply reach.

Unaware of the panoply
Of beauty in the nearness
Of their eyes….

If they would simply see,

See from within themselves.

But then…

There’s you.

Every whisper of life
Breathed from the innermost,
You sense.

Every gleam of life’s color,
Scintillas of the extraordinary,
You see.

Each syllable of this glory,
Resonates in your touch
As you weave the words,
To share the portrait
Of life’s grandeur.

And therein lies
The great gift
You so generously
Commend for others
To consume.

Beautiful you…

And touch,
And taste,

The richness beyond
The immediacy of unseeing,

Connecting words
To help others perceive,

Sowing visions
For others to revel
In that which you revel.

Splashing the palette of emotional color
On the canvas of our mundane lives.

Making all elegant.

Making all graceful.

Gifting to all,

The beautiful transcendence

Of your clarity.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

69 thoughts on “The Beautiful Transcendence of Clarity

  1. Beautifully worded, woven with emotional hues with the strings of heart. Use of metaphors and imagery is very rich, I loved it. All that we were discussing about releasing different colors of emotions…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Uh….that sounds divine Tanya!!

        I’m a fan of the curry, and would love to understand your preference for curry. I reckon’ that special curry is one of life’s greatest secrets, and I’m willing to go to great lengths to find that perfect curry!!


        Liked by 1 person

  2. i read your poem a number of times and feel transported to a world of pure emotion – love these the most
    “The richness beyond
    The immediacy of unseeing,”

    allowing the time and tide of life to reveal her beauty – a very poetic way to say, be patient, good things are waiting for you – well in my reading

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  3. The type of person you spoke of in this poem is truly a rare soul nowadays and definitely someone that should be cherished when found. Such a beautiful way of showing appreciation to such a person, my friend! Beautifully written, Bill! 🙂

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      1. Oh….I see!! I hadn’t thought about it that way…but you’re right!! I was trying to build “emotional ingredients” and blend them all into a final creation.

        I very much appreciate the thoughts and comments!!


  4. It would take a special perso indeed to fit the description here. A goddess of love 💕. But an ordinary soul such as I can give you a wonderful curry recipe! You’ll never believe its beauty, ease, simplicity and divine flavor. Curry & beef stir fry. Email me and I’ll send it to you.

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  5. I reread this post today. Interesting how being in a different place and mood, different phrases jump out and catch me. Last time it was the curry reference. This time, I copied “Splashing the palette of emotional color On the canvas of our mundane lives.” I need that vibrant color today. It was a gray, bleak day with yet another mass and senseless shooting. Color makes me happy. I needed this post today. Thank you!


  6. Thank you Jan! And, I haven’t yet made the curry, but I’m on track to give it a go this weekend! Cold and rainy in the DC area will be perfect for curry!


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