All That’s Left To Do…

So many miles
I’ve walked…

Walked away from you,

Not out of dislike.

I’ve walked,
And walked,

Because I don’t think
I’m ready.

I’m not ready
To risk another
Broken heart.

I’m not ready for
Another journey
To dissolution.

I’m not ready for
Looking into
The distant eyes
Of another failure.

God knows I’ve tried
To “think you out of me,”

But your memory
Is etched in my soul.

I’ve looked in
So many different directions
Other than you,

But still see only you.

I’ve tried to taste
Every flavor
Of what life has to offer,

Only to still savor you.

The bourbon,
My formally,
Fully trusted friend
And excellent counselor
To help me forget…

Let me down as well.

So now,


I’m left with
The unmistakable,
The undeniable,
The untenable…

Incessant longing for you.

And looking
At this blank screen,
And merciless cursor,
Only adds to my angst,

Each cursor blink



That I stop…

Stop avoiding
The obvious.

No choice now…


I all I can do
Is trust,

And plunge
Into your love.

No looking back.


All that’s left to do…

Is just…

Love you.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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