What If We Could?

If only we could live
In the dream world
Of our night-time fantasy.

That perfect place
Of our forever.

But dawn will break,
And with it
Break our dream,
The searing light of day’s anxiety
Blinding our way ahead…

Burning from our eyes
The certainty of us…

The certainty of tomorrow.

But what if our life,
Is meant to be?

What if this one chance,
Never to come again,
Rests on our lips,
Just waiting for the spark,
And courage
To protect our way forward?

What if we could
Simply join the innermost
Strength of our hearts?

What if we,
As lovers,
Could harness
The fire of our touch
For a forever burn?

What if,
In this now,
We could clearly see
Through the blinding of daytime doubt
To that perfect picture dream
Of our determined destiny.

I say…

I say take my hands.

I say let our lips touch,
Firing that spark.

I say
Look to beyond
The ominous burden of uncertainty,
To our horizon of hope.

Grasp this chance,
Just now,

And dream of forever,
With me.

Let others doubt…

We just need to ask this question…

“What if we could?”

And believe.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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