More Deeply Than The Physical

There is that so special place
In you…

Deeply in you…

Beyond my wonting eyes,
Beyond the caress of my fingertips,
Beyond the taste of my tongue.

A place so beautiful
And elegant,
That it demands
My complete commitment
To you,
My love,

And devout dedication
To your consummate satisfaction.

The entry point
Rests not in your body,

Though my flesh craves
The sweetness
Of yours.

It rests not in the sounds
Of our mutual connection,

Though my ears long
To consume our synchronized melody
Of release.


The entry point
Can only be reached

By my heart
Connecting so perfectly
With yours,

Opening your lock
With unbounded love
And desire to serve you…


And once in your special place,
I will long never to leave.

It is there,

There my love,

That I want to spend
The rest of my life…

Deeply intertwined
With your heart,

So much more deeply
Than the physical,

Completely consumed
In scent of your grace
And everlasting elegance.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

51 thoughts on “More Deeply Than The Physical

    1. That’s so kind of you Jamie, and it means quite a bit to me!!

      When I started this journey the summer of 2017, I had no idea how to do what I wanted, and needed to do. But as we’ve discussed previously, I just listened to the words that needed to be released…and now here I am with whatever this style is…but I guess it’s mine. And I’m comfortable with it.

      I’m thrilled that my words connect and communicate with others. Thank you so much!!

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      1. Well, you do an extrodenary job of it now…
        It seems you’ve found your voice/ style..

        That’s like me as well, I’m not sure what style I have, but I’ve been told I have one. I guess we can’t see things about ourselves that others can.
        As for me I’m still in shock that anyone would want to read what I write, but I guess they do. Like I said before about my grammar , I pretty much thought people would discard my words because my grammar isn’t up to par.. But it doesn’t seem to matter as much as I thought.. It seems the more I write the better at describing / painting the scene I become. I really enjoy it though.. Most of the time after writing something I sit back and read it and can’t believe that came from me lol! 😊

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      2. I think that’s just right Jamie! And, I feel exactly the same.

        Perhaps the more we read of others’ styles, and the more we write…and create from our deep inside space….the more our “voice” matures.

        All I know is that I love it….and it’s the most important thing that I want to do each day.

        (I probably shouldn’t have said that…but it’s true.)

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      3. I believe that to be true.. And I do as well!! In my free time I enjoy writing. I have notebooks scattered everywhere.. Sometimes I have to get up out of bed at night just to write a thought down then that thought multiply’s to many more. Lol!

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      4. I so totally get that…..

        I’ll hear something,
        See something,
        Be inspired by something,

        And have to get that idea in my “staging” section in OneNote (where I do my prep).

        Then, if I don’t write down the idea fast enough…and I forget it…I’m furious with myself for missing the opportunity to capture those thoughts and set them free in words.

        I know…

        That sounds weird.


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      5. Yep! I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

        You know what’s really weird ?! I have a really nice leather journal, but haven’t wrote in it because my hand writings ugly and I don’t want to mess it up.. Now that’s weird!! 😄

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      6. Uh… I have a beautiful, leather-bound journal given to me by a close friend…and it remains empty for the same reason. But everyday, I see that journal, and it speaks to me in its own way…

        And urges me to move forward in my own style and voice.

        Just sayin”

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    1. So many thanks Gianna….maybe there’s a voice deep down inside me that needs my close attention. Perhaps therein lies the true clarity of the message.



      1. Thank you!! I will!!

        I’ve made caramel…and it is an absolutely transformative experience.

        Can’t wait to write this one!!!

        Perhaps I’ll get it queued up this weekend!


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      2. you have? how wonderful! the anticipation to taste it is very seductive. the aroma has a special invitation and I love the way it coats my senses. I will look out for it. have a lovely warm caramel weekend Bill.

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      3. Thanks Gina…and I agree with you. Making caramel is a visual, auditory, and olfactory experience (and a little risky if you’re not careful 🙂 !! ).

        Look forward to wrapping my thoughts and words around this special part of life.

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      4. i will join you in those thoughts, salted caramel cake looks like my reward after my run later, now that leads me to another thought, sweat and salted caramel go well together too!

        I have never made it but I presume the temperature has to be handled with care. the joy of stirring that golden goodness is very tantalising.

        these are the small things in life i appreciate, it is the things your poetry brings a completeness to.

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      5. So very kind of you to say Gina…

        And yes…temperature/color of the sugar syrup is incredibly important before stirring in the cream…

        And watching the transformation….

        It’s beautiful.

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