The Caress Of Your Syllables

Miles may separate us yet,

But even in that distance,
Your touch spans
Worlds where
We live not.

Your words written,
And set on wing,
Pass through clouds
Of doubt,
And at altitude
Navigate their way
To me,

At last,
On my heart,
Wanting desperately
To grasp
Their blessings
Of love,

And filling my eyes
With those sumptuous words
Painting the irrepressible beauty
Of you
In the hunger spots
Of my wanting mind,

Enrobing me
In your essence.


Just a few more words
From you,
My love,
Just to coax me
From this day,
To somewhere perfect,

In our tomorrow.

Just touch me,

Grace your phrases on me,

Satisfy my cravings for forever,

Let go those words,

Spreading over my heart,

So simple,

And pure.

Just you

And the caress

Of your syllables.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

19 thoughts on “The Caress Of Your Syllables

  1. Hunger spots of my wanting mind, brilliant line, intense longing and need for love, simple yet caress of your syllables…. wonderful poem. As always brimming with romance and longing

    Liked by 1 person

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