So Far Beyond Caring

To be sure,

It was more than
Physical distance
Separating us…

It was,

In fact,

All the more damning

As the emotional distance
Opened between us

Spanning more than miles…

Spanning two lives,

Once loving,

Now separate,
Now wayward.

How did our journeys diverge?

How did our end-states veer
From something together…

To somewhere so divorced?

And now,

What remains?


Your baggage,
Intentionally left on the platform
As your first class carriage,
Rolled to another life,

Somewhere so much better,
Without me.

Somewhere so much clearer,
Without me.

Somewhere so much happier,
Without me.

So far away…

So far away…

And so far beyond caring.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

25 thoughts on “So Far Beyond Caring

  1. the metaphors were very descriptive of a process of someone really leaving for good. we do need a balance of emotions to be grateful of what we have don’t we. good writing even in sadness Bill, well done.

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