A Tearing

Beyond reality,
My heart hides
In a fantasy world…

Unwilling to accept the truth,
Of how much I love you.

Needing to be safe,
Needing the familiar routine,
I lock myself in a cycle of ambiguity,
Afraid to expose my innermost feelings,

Afraid to trust
A world I’ve never known.

Then you confronted me,
With the brutality of the obvious,
Opening my heart,
Opening a wound I wanted
So desperately to heal,

Opening again,
My eyes to a future,

Forcing me
To stare at
The tempting mirage
Of a romance.

There is nowhere to hide.

There is nothing but
The cold, hard steel
Of unvanquished desire,

The consequences of raw emotion…

And a tearing of my disbelief.

Β© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

40 thoughts on “A Tearing

      1. So much appreciate your guidance and encouragement. I will tell you that unquestionably, no one on United 712 from Denver to Dulles today was reading MO’s “A Poetry Handbook,” other than me. I was in my own world…and it felt just right.

        This is a special place to think, and wonder…and create.

        And, it’s beautiful…isn’t it?

        Nothing better.


      2. Somewhat. My brother and sisters felt it important to take our aging mother to Yellowstone…and we were there for the past 5 days as a family event. Then Jackson, WY to Denver to Dulles today. Hence, the Jackson to Denver connection at 0945.

        One of life’s seminal milestones where nothing else matters.

        Does that make sense?


      3. Just right Maria…and I’m so sorry for your loss! Without question, these moments urge me all the more to put life in perspective, and emphasizes to me the prescience of your instructive guidance of writing from that deep, within place. Nothing else really matters…does it?

        And yes, Yellowstone is a testament of the Creator’s omnipresence and power. Glorious!

        But give yourself 5-6 days to consume all of it!

        That creation is ENORMOUS!!



      4. Thanks Maria…and that, my friend…is exactly right. Thanks for making my evening…overcoming the jet lag, You’ve reminded me of what’s most important. My Dad passed several years ago…and here I am, on the precipice with another parent, just trying to savor important moments.

        Your words, and encouragement…just right.

        Have a wonderful evening…and bask in the love as well.

        Yes…it’s more than good.

        It’s perfect.


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    1. Thank you Tanya!!! So glad you enjoyed it!

      Maybe I’ll add that to my chocolate and wine pairing menu. Maybe as a “milk chocolate” piece. Not edgy enough to go with the dark chocolate pairing!


      Liked by 1 person

  1. ha ha you can, I wish I can bring out emotions as effectively as you, mostly either its food or carnal desires in my work. I feel your poem injection will go well with dark chocolate.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes… maybe as my first dark chocolate pairing. But then, I think I need to kick it up just a little bit more.

      I’ll work on my ideas during my baklava efforts this weekend. Hope I meet your standards!! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well my Baklava was just ok, ha ha. In my poem I tried to compensate the taste through some embellished words to sound exotic. I was working in Dubai for many many years there I tasted the best baklava but I guess I should just leave those standards to people there.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Bill we are poets our work is to exaggerate the emotions and tastes through words. There was nothing exotic in baklava, as no ingredient was brought from central Asia or emptire of byzantium but it was brought half frozen straight from the freezers of Walmart! πŸ™‚

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