My Deeply Personal, Perfect Place


The uncertainty in my life now
Is a blade drawn across my heart,

Severing all my hopes
From my dreams
Of the perfect tomorrow.

Cutting my means to smile,

Carving from my body
The chance to breathe
A truly living life…

Just to feel the richness
Of an intimate,
Deep love,

And taste the sweetness
Of complete commitment,
Of a forever.

It is in these moments
Of darkness that
I need you all the more.

Just to whisper surety
to me.

Just to remind me
Of what heaven must feel like,
And what my future could be.

Just to draw you tightly
To my chest,

Embrace your warmth,

Sense your elegance
Pulsing through your body,

Rest the weariness
Of my life
On your shoulder,

And bury all of me,
In the waves of your mane,

And the compassion of your heart.

My love,
Are my sanctum,
My oasis…

I need so desperately
For you to take me there

Just one more time.

Take my heart
In your hands,

And lead me

To redemption and love,

All to be found
In this..

My deeply personal,
Perfect place.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

24 thoughts on “My Deeply Personal, Perfect Place

    1. I so much appreciate your comments. Maybe others wouldn’t see it this way, but it seems to me that holding the person you love and need so badly…can, in fact…be that most deeply personal, and perfect place. Beyond anywhere else a person could choose to be…that would be mine.

      So glad you liked it!!


  1. That deeply personal space in us – found in the arms of trust and love – so perfect. Brings out the longing in each reader’s soul. Thank you for laying open your heart, Bill. Beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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