You couldn’t stay
The night…

I understand,
Too much to do
In the morning.

Just to be with you,
Was such an ethereal
In my life,
Yet again.

The satin of your skin
On mine…

The strength of you
Engaging me…

The tease of you
Toying with,
And besting me…

Perfectly paint the picture
Of this evening
With you.

Simply glorious.

But now,
Even in your absence…

Though you no longer
Grace the shadows
Of my bedroom
In the fading light of evening…

I still sense you.

I still feel your weight on me.

I still smell the elegance
Of your perfume.

I still taste the compelling beauty
Of you…

Just here,

Yet again enrobing my body,
And mind,
And heart.

I can no longer touch you…

I can no longer caress you…

But you’re here,
Next to me,

Filling my soul
With your luxury,



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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