Seas of silk flood your dresser.

Lace, satin…

So finely woven.

The pastels,
And vibrant blush
Of a wild flower field,

All there…

Just awaiting
To adorn your body…

And take away
My breath,

Those delicate treasures,
The foundation
Of my fantasy.

But let’s be clear
My darling…

Those elegant creations of man
Pale in comparison
To God’s perfect creation
In you.

Wear those jewel fabrics
If you desire,

But my wanting,
And longing
Is for you,

Whether in the silk,

Or the flannel
Of your most comfortable

What I long for
Is just you.

What I need
In my life
Is just you.

The lingerie
Is intoxicating,
And beautiful…

But only because
Of the body
And woman
Of you,

That those fabrics
Have the chance
Of dressing,

And caressing.

The lingerie
Is evocative…

But it’s just you
That burns

That flame,

And lights
My passion.



Β© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

28 thoughts on “Lingerie

      1. What’s in your heart Dorothy?

        What moves you?

        What brings you to the edge?

        That, my friend, is where I dwell.

        Right or wrong…good or bad,

        That is my muse.



      2. From my perspective…the heart is always the best place to start.

        But then again…

        I’m a romantic with little else on his mind.

        Caution is urged!!



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