When The Words Won’t Come Anymore

I know that I hurt you.

Your response to me
Was so abrupt,
Cutting short
Not only our dialogue,
But cutting deeply
My heart
As well.

I can’t change the past,
All I can do
Is change the present…

And change me.

But obviously,
That isn’t good enough,
And I don’t blame you
For your doubts
And ongoing rejection.

So, the sigh falling
From my chest,
Only pushes
Air out of my throat,
Not words.

It’s no longer possible
To speak to you,

As you’ve built that wall
Around your heart,

All my attempts to mouth syllables
Are simply exercises
In the futile,

Hoarsely trying to speak
Into a chasm
Of nothingness,
That was once
A beautiful valley of

No response from you…

Just the echo
Of my desolation.

I don’t expect you ever again
To answer my plea
For forgiveness,

Just accept this.

When you no longer
Hear my yearning,
It’s not that my heart
Doesn’t need you,

It’s just that I’ve grown weak,

To tell you
How much I love you.

When the words won’t
Come anymore,

I’m still here,
Wanting you,
So desperately,

Just empty,
And unable to speak.


Β© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

32 thoughts on “When The Words Won’t Come Anymore

  1. Powerful and touching. Real poetic words being spoken. I can always connect and empathize with your poems. How I wish you’d come to Barcelona one day to one of our poetry events. You could read some of your poems at various open mics.

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  2. I’m so glad to read of the balancing effect, since you write about this experience just as powerfully and poignantly as the others. And I agree with you — not only do your readers require a textured presentation but it has been my own experience many times that the offerings I consider possibly too negative, petty, personal or otherwise unworthy have evoked the most grateful responses.

    You truly are every bit a Poet, my friend.

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    1. That, Ana, is so meaningful and gracious. I’m so glad that you see and value these simple words. I just want to try to capture all the dimensions of pleasure and pain that overwhelm the human heart. It’s not always pleasant…is it?

      Thank you for your support and so thoughtful comments.

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    1. I guess it’s fair to say that there’s a little be of me in everything that I write…but maybe not all of me, if that makes sense. And yes…I’ve had a taste of this sting…and that adds hopefully to the depth of the piece.

      Really appreciate your comments and thoughts!!!

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  3. Your poems each tell a beautiful story of life even the heartbreaking ones. The words you choose and the way you place them. The spaces ask me to pause and let the thoughts sink in and give me a moment to catch my breath before what will be next. Beautifully done.

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