Room Service

Her business trip
Had been brutal,
Starting with the delayed flight
To her destination,
Now late for the first day
Of her firm’s conference.

And the fact that
One of her bags
Had been lost
Only added insult
To the misery.

Oh, and the two-hour
Time zone shift,
Though not substantially tortuous
Was just enough to add burn
To her tired eyes,
Already stained by tears
From missing her baby girl Elizabeth.

But finally,
At the end of the first day
Of travel hell
And conference doldrums,
She made it back
To her hotel room…


All she wanted to do
Was kick off her shoes,
Let down her hair,
Take a hot bath,
And let go of all her pain.

It was with both surprise
And concern
When she heard a knock on her door.

The peep-hole conveyed
The distorted image of
A hotel waiter,
With what appeared to be
A roller cart,
White table-cloth,
Large bowl of strawberries…

And a bottle of champagne!?!

With two glasses!?!

At first,
She didn’t even want
To open that door,
And open her evening
And privacy to anyone
At the end of this miserable day…

But she relented
Out of basic decency.

Cracking open the door
Just to the limit of the chain
She peered out
To be greeted by the waiter,
With a cheerful
“Room service”!

“But I didn’t order room service,”
She muttered,
Trying half-heartedly to be kind.

And then, from the corner
Of that limited
Cracked door field of view,
Her husband
With a smile.

“Oh, I think you did.”

“And don’t worry about Lizzy,
Your mom’s watching her.”

“Just thought I’d
Take a trip
And turn it
Into an extended
Encounter with
The most beautiful
Sexy woman I know.”

“I’ll be here
Waiting for you
At the end of
Each day of your conference…

Ready to provide
You room service.”

And with the release
Of the door chain,

Her horrible day,
And fatigue
Were met
With a hot bath,
A back rub,
Three strawberries,
A glass of champagne…

And passionate love-making.

Though she didn’t order it,
That’s all she needed…

Just a little
Room service,

And a lifetime of love.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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