For Forever

At this point in his life,
With all the relationship
Ups and downs…

He was still searching
And wanting,
And wondering,



Would cross his path.

It wasn’t for lack
Of “getting out there”
And trying to find her…

It just never seemed
To work out.

So here he was again,
Another Friday night,
Another date.

But tonight



Just so comfortable.
Just so easy.
Just perfect.

She was not
What he told himself
Was “his type.”

She wasn’t at all conservative
Or reserved,
She quickly challenged him,
Bested him,
Made him challenge her
In return….

And she still bested him.

She had as well,
This bohemian flair,
So beautiful
And unique.

Simply put,
She made him smile,
Something he hadn’t done
It quite some time.

As the evening progressed,
He didn’t even remember
The dinner or wine…

For he was consuming instead
Every second they spent together…

Consuming the radiance
And elegance of her.
And starting to wonder,
If she was his

One and only.

The date now,
Drawing to a close
He walked her to her front step,
Dreading just one thing.

If she let him hug her,
How long should that embrace last?

He didn’t want to let her go
Nor did he want her to feel
That he was clinging.

But he didn’t have long
To sort things out
As they climbed her steps,

The front porch light
Painting soft shadows
Of their silhouettes.

He started to say
“I had such a good time,”
But couldn’t get the words out,

Cut-off by her rich
Compelling smile
And beautiful eyes
That reached deep inside him.

And in that moment,
She embraced him,

And immediately,
He knew
The answer
To his question.

This beautiful
Singularly special woman
Was meant to be
His one and only.

And it wasn’t a question
Of holding her
For just a few seconds
Or a few minutes,

He needed
To hold her
For a lifetime.

He needed
To hold her

For forever.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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