Isn’t it,

The perfect integration
Of smell and taste.

The more than
10,000 scents
Our noses detect,
And enhanced
By those 6 basic tastes,

Magically working together
To paint a rich portrait
In our minds.



For when I hold you,
So close,
I am reminded
Yet again,
Of the beauty
And mystery
And richness
Of this scent – taste magic.

Just lifting
Your hair
Away from your neck,
Not only
Feeds my hungry eyes,

But teases me
With the mist
Of your perfume,

And once again
I’m lost
In the bouquet
Of you.

Just pressing
My lips,
So gently,
On the side
Of your exposed neck…

Offered unabashedly
To me…

Delivers the naked,
Of you.


As a summer beach
Proclaims its sultry depth.

It’s that lingering…

My lips
On your neck,
Intimately consuming you,

Breathing in you,

Where yet again
I am overwhelmed
By your essence.

Just here…

Just now…

Just loving

And wanting

And savoring…



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

22 thoughts on “Savoring

    1. Thanks Dorothy!!

      This was one of those pieces where I just had this scene in my mind and had to drape it with words. I must admit…I had fun writing this one.

      Maybe that’s bad of me!



      1. Firstly…you can and will top that! I’ve already conceded that you’ve bested me in our challenge! 🙂

        To answer your question, I just wrote it. It’s interesting…I’ve found that I stay attuned to thoughts, or phrases, or pictures that catch my interest, and then make a note in my list of topics to consider for a poem. The word “savor” came to mind yesterday, and it just seemed so rich and deep to me. And from that one thought, I drafted this piece.

        Just the way my mind works for some reason.

        Thank you for asking….and moreover…thank you for your interest and comment!!!!


      2. Oh my God! Your mind is Amazing! You are so talented! I thought, “There is no way he is writing this off the cuff like this day after day!” I was wrong. Wow. I am the same by the way. I jot down a topic in my journal then decide if it’s going to be written as a poem or just write.
        I have so grown from this challenge with you! Thank you

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well…that’s very kind and generous of you to say. But it’s not really talent, it’s the richness provided by sitting on my front step in the evening, watching the sunset, and drinking a bourbon (or 2) that motivates and inspires me…and the rest is just fate.

        I guess.



      4. Not yet…but I’m headed that way! Just finished my company work for the day. Now…finally…I can relax and do what I want, and need to do. Read the rich work of others, and put my own thoughts in writing.



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