Totally Irresponsible

Life teaches us
To be cautious…

Doesn’t it?

So many ways
To be burned,
Taken advantage of,
Robbed of our means
To breathe


But now,
Having met you,

Having been challenged,
And tested,
And bested…

By you,

I succumb.

I succumb
To your grace,
And power,
And softness,
And sensuality,
And beauty…

And your infinite willingness
To accept me,

With all my faults,
And frailties…

Just as I am.

So here I sit,
And worried.

Everything necessary
To make our pieces fit,
Remains unconventional.

Significant aspects of
My life
Would need to change…

And the same,

For you.

So much risk,
So many uncertainties,
To find myself
In your arms…


On this night,
I’ve decided.

To hell with
My conservative background
And decision-making framework.

Don’t you see…

Don’t you feel…

Don’t you accept
That I love you?

So I’m willing
To take that next step.

To throw away everything,
To discard the orthodox

And step out
Onto the thin ice
Of an unknown future…

And trust your love.

It’s just me…


Knowing only one way ahead.

All I can do,
Is follow my heart…

Despite the cost…

And act recklessly
To be yours.

So terribly,

And totally


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

24 thoughts on “Totally Irresponsible

      1. Ah yes…therein lies the greatest uncertainty and question for the heart . And you’re absolutely right… if the timing on both sides isn’t exactly right, the whole relationship can fail.


        Hard, isn’t it.


        Liked by 1 person

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