Would You?


So close to one another.

Body heat,

Eyes connected,

Nearly touching.

With one gentle brush stroke,
I draw my right index finger so slowly,
Across your brow,

Just to move that wayward,
Sassy curl back in place…

And you smile.

It’s just moments like these,
So simple,
So pure,

So perfect.

All of this framed,
By the elegance
Of your beauty.


Now I have just
One question for you…

You won’t mind,
If I kiss you…

Would you?



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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29 thoughts on “Would You?

  1. We used a phrase in high school that embodies the pure gestures mentioned here. Crunchy. Very crunchy.

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    1. That, my friend, makes me smile.


      Thank you!!!


  2. Your poetry is so easy and simple (just apparently) and direct. That makes it very accessible to many people. This is a great gift you have as a poet. This poem is so sweet, romantic, sensuous, tender… Beautiful!

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    1. That’s so very kind of you Marta!!!

      I just want to find a way to connect with the reader in scenes that seem familiar. And, I just love visualizing those scenes in my mind as I write. Guess that’s what keeps bringing me back.

      As always, I so appreciate your thoughts and encouragement!!

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      1. Always my pleasure.

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    1. Thanks Maria!! I’m so glad you liked it…and, now that you mention it, there is a retro feel to it. Never thought about it that way, but it does seem to fit.

      Maybe, it’s my mind that’s retro. Hopefully that’s not a bad thing.

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      1. I have a soft spot for 1940’s big band music. Ginger Rogers and sweet heart necklines. It’s all good.

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      2. Precisely…

        And BTW, on page 1 of MO’s “A Poetry Handbook,” she had me hooked.

        “Writing a poem is not so different — it is a kind of possible love affair between something like the heart (that courageous but also shy factory of emotion) and the learned skills of the conscious mind.”

        Just pure genius from that artist.

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      3. Yes, she has such depth perception.

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      4. Love it!!

        Thanks for the tip!!


      5. You’re welcome. Paying it forward. Lot’s of poets helped me a long. I am not sure there ever is a finish line, and maybe that’s a good thing.

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      6. Yes…I agree.

        Not having a finish line is just right, and the way it should be.



      7. Nice to feel it through a poem.

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  3. This is just beautiful and makes the reader smile so hard. I can visualize this. So simple, yet such a profound moment… like a first kiss. Wonderfully written, my friend! ☺️

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    1. So glad you liked it!!

      That’s exactly what I was going for…simplicity and purity in image.


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      1. I did! You did a wonderful job conveying that. 🙂

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      2. You’re very welcome, Bill! ☺️

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  4. Your posts are always so amazing so emotional so loving and so heart warming. I truly love to read them

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    1. The feeling is mutual!!! Thank you!

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