It Just Happens…

None of us
Can predict
The future.

We have no way
Of knowing
The impact
Of a simple email,
So unexpectedly received
From someone special.

We have no way
Of predicting
The power
Of a flirtatious comment,
Or smile.

We have no way
Of anticipating
The repercussions
Of receiving
A beautiful,
Captivating photo.

We have no way
Of foretelling
The consequences,
And heat,
Of an inadvertent touch,

And its impact on
Our weakness,
And hunger,
And need,

To feel wanted.


It’s impossible
To foresee
The future
For our heart.

And maybe that’s okay.

We just need
To be ready
For the unexpected.

We just need to accept
The rush
And beauty of serendipity,

When all the pieces fit…

When the time is right…

When fate allows…

And recognize
That when it happens…

We will fall,
Fall hard…

Totally lost in that extraordinary person.

We’ll fall in love.

It just happens.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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