Now…I Think I Know

My life
To date,
Has spared me
From the worst,

I never
Had to confront
The emptiness
And longing,

The realization
Of missing
A chance
At love,

At forever.

Too much work,
Too much focusing on the now,

Too little investment
In meaningful relationships.

Too little focus on
What’s truly important.

But tonight,
As another day passes,
And another sun sets
In my life,

I’m starting to understand.

I’m starting to understand,
That there is more to living,

That ahead of
My near horizon,
Is another world
Beyond my profession,
Beyond my striving
To succeed,

All a result
Of the serendipitous crossing
Of paths
With you.

Just gathering
In my eyes
And heart
A glimpse
Of you…

And I’ve succumbed

To the wit,
And cleverness,
And edginess,
And sexiness,
And everything
Of you,

So much more
Than a physical reckoning…

Simply an epiphany,
An understanding of
A world filled
With a depth of love,
And joy,
And mutual commitment
I never dreamed possible.

My friends
Have mentioned
How they’ve
Had the great
Good fortune
To connect
With that special woman,
That was meant for them…

But I always nodded,
And smiled
And made some casual
Congratulatory comment…

Then returned
To my quest
For fortune
And success.

But you…

You caught me short,

And in doing so,
Took my breath away,
And stole my heart.

I begin to see,
And accept
That there is
So much more
To living life fully…

So deeply in love.


I’m beginning to understand
What heretofore,
Was beyond
My vision.

Because of you…

Just the pure



Now I think

I know.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

23 thoughts on “Now…I Think I Know

    1. I’m so glad you liked it, and thanks for the comment!

      Sometimes, I believe we wrongly get wrapped up in the mundane…and all it takes is one special person to help us re-center.

      I loved to think about that when crafting this verse.



    1. Thank you!!

      The really important, and good stuff, needs to take center stage in our lives…yes? Nothing else really matters in the long run.

      So much appreciate your comment and investment of your precious personal time to read it!!


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