Most Sacred Secret

I want to be
Your deepest
Most sacred secret…

That so special place,
That only you go,

Unmentioned to your family,

Unmentioned to your girlfriends,

Safe from the prying eyes
Of this omniscient,
Eavesdropping world.

I want to be your personal,
Innermost private dwelling,
Untouched by others,
Unblemished by
The ordinary.

Let me do this for you.

Let me be
This certain sanctum
For you,

A careful,
Cloistered world,
Known only to you
And me.

When you need
So desperately to go there…

Know that I will be waiting,

Waiting to hold you,
Waiting to caress you,
Waiting to pleasure you.

I want more
Than anything in my life,
To be that consecrated
Pure place for you.

No one needs to know…

Just your heart,

And my heart.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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