Just Another Missed Opportunity…

In hindsight,
It was so clear.



So beautiful.

The perfect.

The perfect companion,
The perfect foil,
The perfect lover…

The perfect woman.

The example
Of forever,
So completely

By her eyes,

And her smile,

And wit.

Our connection
Neither planned,
Nor anticipated.

And now,
She’s gone.

No more option to love,
No more option…

To live.

Why is it
That opportunities
To move forward,
Scarce as they may be,

Seem so prejudiced
By fate?

If only I had done things
Differently with her.

If only I had understood
More clearly,
What she needed…

And what she wanted.

But all that is moot,

Isn’t it?

So the emptiness prevails,
And the loneliness persists.

Just another personal failure,
Just another chance
To love…


Just another missed opportunity

For fulfillment,
And finality…

And elusive happiness.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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