Our Minds…Making Love

I know
The essence.

The scent of sex
With you
Is indelibly
Burned in my mind.

The vision
Of your body
With my body
In perfect rhythm
Does not escape me.

The guttural chorus
Of exclamation
And rapture,


In my ears.

But there’s more,
Isn’t there?

Beyond the physical
Exclamation point,
There’s another point
That we surpass.

The depth of our sex
Extends so far
Beyond the corporal,

So far beyond
The carnal point.

When we connect,
There’s a profound poetry.

There’s a more complete
Coupling of the self.

There’s a farther reaching
Known only to us.

Deeply personal,
And intimate.




Just two souls,

A pure woman,

And pure man,

Locked in a forever
Of words,

Intimate communication
At another level,
So elevated
From the physical.

I need
And fantasize
About your
Unconstrained verse…

Every word,
Teasing my virility.

Testing me,
Tormenting me,



And you
Leave nothing
For me to question,

As I sense
A similar burn
In your body,
And in your response
To my balladry.

Just your mind
Coupled with my mind,
Locked in virtual embrace…

Simply pure,
Simply powerful,
Simply perfect…

Our minds merging
In poetic passion…

Our minds…

Making love.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

18 thoughts on “Our Minds…Making Love

    1. Thanks Marta!! Really appreciate your comments and I’m so glad that you liked it! This piece was a little more racy than normal. Oh well…I just liked that concept and felt the need to put words to it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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