No…The Drink Didn’t Help

Maybe I
Can’t help myself.

Maybe I
Have no choice.

Maybe I
Am destined
To be overwhelmed…



Consumed by…


It’s not that
I fixate on you
Throughout my day.

It’s not that
You permeate
My dreams
Every night.

To be honest,

Maybe you do.

I just envision
How you
And end,
Your day…

And between
Those two points
In your life,

Hope that
You think
About me.

And in
This summer evening,
The sun still
Foisting its heat
And presence
On my mind…

I can’t stop,

I can’t exclude you
From this moment,

And perhaps

This drink…

This bourbon
Doesn’t help.

It only
Serves to amplify,
My thoughts,
And feelings
For you,

Tearing down
The façade
That I so simplistically erect,

Erect to guard
My heart from hurt…

And missing you…


I’m stuck,

Stuck thinking of,

And fantasizing about,


And loving you.


The drink

Didn’t help.

It’s only
An instrument
A mechanism,
A reality check


Of the burning,
And yearning,
And commitment,
I feel

For you…

And only you.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

12 thoughts on “No…The Drink Didn’t Help

    1. Thanks Susan! I so much appreciate your thoughts and interest in my work. For me, I just love to write about the feelings and thoughts that come to my mind….such a release. Glad you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

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