… A Problem

So, what does it mean,
If first thing in the morning…

I check for
Emails and messages
From you,
Just to sense
Your presence
In my life.

What does it mean,
That I miss deadlines
Because my day
Is filled with thoughts
Of you…

Not occasionally,
But constantly.

And what does it mean,
When I forego drinks
At the bar
With my friends…

Because that would
Distract me
From dreaming of you…
Your dark eyes,
Your dark hair,
Your pure heat.

I guess I know what it means then,
When my heart barely beats,
And my very being languishes
Without your touch,
Without your caress.

There’s no turning back…

Is there?

It’s almost like
I can’t help myself.

Some would say I need
Professional attention,
Maybe therapy,

Maybe some kind
Of intervention

To re-center,
And balance my life,
And put things in perspective.

I apparently need help…

I apparently have
A problem.

Maybe I do…

But maybe,

Maybe not.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

26 thoughts on “… A Problem

    1. Or perhaps infatuations and unrequited loves are the problems of most human beings. Then the majority of us might need the help of a good professional, but still, even with the best psicologist (sometimes a close friend can replace this person), each one of us will have to deal with these life problems alone; each one of us walks alone in life, though it helps a lot if we have someone as a helping hand.

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      1. I so agree Marta. It goes to the very core of our existence, doesn’t it? Other than oxygen, water, and physical sustenance…seems to me that there’s nothing more profound to our being than connection with another. Really appreciate your thoughts!

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    1. I agree Dorothy…either we admit it’s a problem and shun healing…or, we say it’s not a problem and something that’s worthy in our life. I vote for the latter. 🙂


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