Holding Your Whisper

There are so many
In our hearts,
Aren’t there?

So many regrets,
So many unfulfilled wishes,
So many foregone chances
For unrequited love…

So many challenges
In this thing called “life.”

But even in the churn,

Even in the uncertainty
Of a complicated
And uncomfortable world…

Know this.

When I face
The unconquerable,

When I face
The unknowns
Of an uncertain existence,

When I face
Like I’ve never encountered…

In those moments
Of weakness
And worrisome contemplation,

It’s your calming voice
That I hear.

Not a loudness
Commanding me onward.

Just the near quiet
Of a newborn day,

Not direction
To stiffen my resolve.

Just the coo
Of love’s compassion.

Not condemnation
For weakness…

Just the praise
Of a late night
Summer breeze.

Even in your absence,

When you’re not here
To embrace me
And comfort me,

I still find a way
To live.

It’s remembering your love
For me.

It’s visualizing your beautiful smile.

It’s listening for
And holding….

Holding your whisper.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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