We Can Figure It Out

It is a little funny,
Isn’t it,
How your hair
Gets tangled
In the stubble
Of my beard,
When we embrace?

But that’s okay,
I love being tangled up
With you…

We can figure it out.

And the fact
That you prefer tea
Where I want

That’s okay as well,

We both need
Hot water,
Don’t we?

We can figure it out.

Guess what I’m
Trying to say is that

We know
And accept
That there
Are differences
Between us…

Things aren’t always
Perfect and smooth…

But this
I suggest
Is what really matters…

We share
A pure commitment
To one another.

We know
That to make this work
Will take patience
And freely offered

We know
That time
And distance between us
Are not the permanent barriers
That they may seem.

We know…
We know that
We’re in love.

And for all the challenges
And difficulties before us…

We can figure it out.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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