Consuming Another Friday Night

This Friday night
Will be
Just like all the others.

I’ll get home first,
Do the yard work,
Sit on my front step,
Have a drink,
And watch
The sun set…

And wait for you
To come home…

Yet again,
For my life to re-start.

And when you do arrive,
I’ll follow you inside,

Like a man dying from thirst
Pursues his fountain,
And chance
To live…


It won’t matter
How long
It takes you
To undress,

And unwind,

And come downstairs,

In whatever you’re wearing…

Makes no difference to me.

I just want you to be comfortable,
And relaxed.


I’ll share with you,
My plan.

When you come downstairs,
In all of your beauty,
And unpretentious sensuality,
You have to be prepared
For this…

I see you


I’m going to hand you
A glass of wine,

And let you savor
That richness,

Umtil your palate
Is satiated.


I’m going to start
An old Temptations track…

“My Girl”

And open
My arms
To you.

This is all I dream of…

That you accept my longing,
That you accept my desire,
That you accept my burning need,
To hold you.

And when I ask

“Would you dance with me?”

In front of the vast audience
Of one,
The cat,

You will relinquish your heart,

And accept my outreach,

And join with my body.

So simple,
So passionate,
So pure…

Just you,
And me,

Slow dancing around the kitchen,

Consuming another
Friday night
In the arms of one another,

Together again.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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