A Fantasy Of Indiscretion

It was simply
Meant to be
Coffee amongst colleagues,
When he met her
At the corner café.

A routine morning,
Like so many others,
Seeking the stimulation
Of caffeine,
A dose of
Office politics,
And a swag of gossip.

But this morning,
Something was different.

This morning,
Between the talk
And sips,

Their eyes locked,
More than once.

To him,

She looked
So beautiful today,
So vibrant,
So alluring,

Just glowing.

And to her,
He seemed
All the more

And just
A little rugged,
In a sexy kind of way.

As the rays
Of new day sun
Arced across
Their corner
Bistro table,

Their words
Seemed to slow,
Despite their lips moving,
Conversation carrying on
In auto…

Their gazes deepening…

Their hearts beating
Just a little bit faster.

Maybe it was
The caffeine,

But maybe…

Maybe this morning
Was meant to be
Their epiphany,

Eyes now
Truly open
To a life
Just before them.

And the company policy
On fraternization?




The one small detail
That weighed
So heavily
On this emergent moment
Of unanticipated


Each second
Took this man
And this woman

In a new direction
To an unsure destiny.

But in this moment,
At the beginning
Of this new day,

Neither was thinking
About the office,
Or policies
Or their schedules,

They were joined
In each other’s mind,

Feeling everything
That love offered,

Unbeknownst to
Everyone else
In that café.

Others there,
Were sipping coffee,

But this man
And this woman,
Were sipping
One another,

Savoring the intensity,
And heat,

And passion.

Consuming all this
Virtual fuel

In a moistened moment,

So unbound
And raw,

If only in their minds.

Just a perfect culmination
Of life
And longing.

Just a fantasy,

A fantasy

Of indiscretion.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

19 thoughts on “A Fantasy Of Indiscretion

    1. Thanks Stella!! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy writing it. Guess that makes it my own “fantasy of indiscretion.” 🙂

      So much appreciate your comment and willingness to spend a few moments reading my work!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes…still producing a piece of work each day. I’ve found that sitting down (preferably on my front step watching the sun go down) after a long day at work is my oasis. It’s all I want to do…just sit down, shut down, tune in, and write what come to mind. Maybe it’s therapy. 🙂

        Oh…and I forgot to add my bourbon to the mix above. 🙂


      2. Ha, bourbon sounds good 🙂 nothing like a little help with the inspiration..

        I know I should take these tips and use them. It is therapy…. I miss that. It all feels a little distant at times. Just gotta find a safe space. Glad you have yours. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Definitely…I so agree. For me, it’s all about getting to that “place,” in the evening, by myself…everything else done, so I can just let my mind wander. So relaxing. Hope you find that place too! 🙂


      4. I hope so too… i think not working in content writing on a daily basis is a good start too. A career change, essentially. Sounds drastic but I lost the passion whilst I spent all day writing/marketing…

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Beautiful poem about the act of falling in love. I have enjoyed it very much, especially these lines that possess great strength:
    “Others there,
    Were sipping coffee,

    But this man
    And this woman,
    Were sipping
    One another,

    Savoring the intensity,
    And heat,

    And passion.”

    Liked by 1 person

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