…To The Personal


At this early point
In our relationship,

I’ve learned…

That you prefer silver
To gold.

That in the summer
You want
A Pimm’s and lemonade,
But a Lemon Drop martini
In the winter.

I know as well that…

On a Friday night,
You’d just as soon
Come home,
Put on your jammies
And have me cook for you,
Rather than go out.

But salmon and Pinot Noir please,
Vice beef fillet and Cabernet Sauvignon…

The sauce,
You leave to my judgement…



And one other thing…

I mustn’t pretend
That I have a better sense
Of style,
Than you…

Forget it. ☺️

But beyond the routine,
Beyond the predictable…

This is what I want,

And need to know


How do you want me to touch you?

What fires you?

What whispers do you want,
And need?

How deep,
Do you want,
And need…

To go?

What are the steps,
That you yearn to tread,
To reach forever?

At this point,
I think I know,
And understand

The everyday you.


Now I want
And need to know
What turns you on…

And satisfies you…

And lifts you
To another world.

We know the basics
Of one another.


Now I need,
And so desperately
Want to go to
A different place…

To move from
The here and now…

To the personal.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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