The Impact Of The Epiphany

I still don’t understand,
How it happened.

Maybe fate forced
A crossing
Of our paths.


Maybe we were
Meant for one another
All along,

And in spite of
Our previous life experiences,
Now is meant to be

Our time.

I believe
That there are
Seminal moments
In our lives,

Irrefutable instances
When we know
That something
Is so right,
And purposeful,
And irreplaceable,

In another.

So much so,
That we are willing
To give up everything
That has defined

Our history…

To now
Shape a new

Have you ever
Been confronted
So starkly
With the profound
And unbending
Of this nearness?

This sense of imminent
And consummation,
And fulfillment,

And unrequited


If so,
Then you will know

And accept

That there is no looking back,

But only
To find the means
To make the future

But work,
It must.

Once you realize
What is meant to be…

You understand,
And accept,
And so joyfully welcome,

The impact of

Our meeting…

And the impact of

The epiphany.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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