Not Just What I Want…

Isn’t it clear now
On this Saturday morning,
Still cooling down,
From a Friday night
Of learning

Of what makes you,

And Me,

Deep down inside
That there is
Nothing more profound,
Nor sensuous
Than our connection?

But as I look into
Your eyes,

Your body
And heart
Fully exposed
To me…

You must sense it,
Don’t you?

You must sense

That this is different.

Beautiful woman

Are unlike
Any other…

So singular,
So special.

And you’ve captured me.

It’s not just your

It’s so much more than that.

Your razor-sharp intellect,
Cuts open my facade,
And challenging me.

Your strength
Reminds me
Just how weak
I am.

Your self-reliance
Defines how much
I thirst for a life partner…


In the quiet,
And warmth,
And richness of this moment,

Look at me,
Hear me,
Consume me,
Understand me.

You’re not just what I want…

You’re not just
What I have dreamed of,

You’re not just
What I have longed for…

You’re what…

You’re what

I need.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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