Your Picture of Forever

So this is what I think…

30 years from now,
It will just be you…

And me,

Children grown,
And gone.

They will have had some bumps
And scrapes
Along the way,

But that will have
Made them tough
And understanding
Of what it takes
To live life
In this unforgiving world.

And importantly,
They will have taken
The right steps
To become responsible,
Successful adults…

And parents.

We will look back
At those growing years
As a test of us
As well,
Knowing that
We did a great job…


It will just be me
And you,

Savoring our years
As true partners,
And hungry for more.

I will still cook for you…

And help clean the house…

And take care of you…

And satisfy you,

In every way.

Not because I have to,

But because I will want to…


It’s that simple.

That’s my
Picture of forever.


Look me in the eyes.

Think about your life,
And what you want,
And what you need.

And tell me,


Please tell me,

That’s your picture

Of forever,

As well.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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