Forgotten How To Forget

Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me…

But it does,

Despite the fact
That our paths
Crossed so briefly,

As if a tangent,
Extending infinitely,
Covering the breadth
Of this world,

But just touching…

For a moment,
In history.

The intensity,
And sense of connection,
And rightness
Still echo,

So loudly
In my heart,
And mind.

Despite supposed maturity,
And years of experience
On this earth…

I can’t stop
Thinking about
Your beautiful face,
And your curious,
Sexy way
With words…

And life.

Why can’t
I just
Move on?

Why can’t
I be content
To search for
Your replacement?

There is no
Replacement for you.

If there was,
I’d still want you.

The only remedy
For the ache
In my heart…

Is your touch.

So here
My heart languishes,
Unable to sort things out,

Unable to “cowboy up,”

And without question,

And unwilling
To move forward.

I’ve undoubtedly


How to forget.

ยฉ 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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