A Goodnight Kiss

How can something
So physically simple
And direct,

Be so complex,
And nuanced,
And emotionally overwhelming?

Just facing you,
On your front step,
So fulfilled
From a night together…

Basking in the moonlight,
And warmth radiating from us,
So hopelessly
In love,
Begging for

Eyes unmistakably focused
On the other’s,
Separated physically
By inches,
But so joined directly,
One with the other.

So slowly,
I raise my hands,
Brushing back
Your tawny locks,
Caressing your cheeks
As if touching
The most precious silk…

Never breaking
Our gaze.

How our lips move
Toward destiny
Could be neither defined,
Nor predestined…

It just happens,
Driven by our need
And the innate sense
Of how to connect.

The faintest brush
Of our noses,
Centering our connection,
Securing the complete

And when our lips
First touch,
That spark flashes
From that connected flesh,
Down through our hearts,
A rush of adrenaline,
And fueling
A deep,
Building urge,
And need.

Now more firmly locked,
And hungry,
Drive for their certain
And fulfillment.

No stopping,
No guessing,
No questioning,
What this man,
And this woman


And need.

Something so physically simple
And direct,

When completed
By two lovers,

Becomes something
So much more complex,
And passionately mysterious,

No longer just
A touch exchanged
Between two humans,

But something so much deeper,
And more richly meaningful…


Just a goodnight


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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