Pour Yourself Into Me

For too long,
I have staggered
Through the desert
Of loneliness.


Pushing farther,
One dusty foot,
In front
Of the other…

Just to make distance
Away from nothingness,
Toward the oasis
Of impassioned surety,

Unquestionably there,
If only a glimmer
On the horizon…

At all costs,
To reach that respite


But each glimmer,
Just beyond my grasp,
Simply never materialized…

Advancing simultaneously
One pace farther,
With each step I took

In the direction
Of that disappointing
Emotional mirage.

So why
Do I push forward,
Through the barrenness?

Why do I continue
To hope for consummation?

Why do I open myself
To the wasteland
Of lost love?

I do so,

Because I am certain

That you are out there…


Waiting and willing
To shade me in your sanctum,

To fill my longing,
And satiate my hunger
For fulfillment.

You are there…


Ready and willing
To quench
My thirst for love,

And pour yourself

Into me.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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