On The Edge Of Emptiness

It’s not enough
To say
That I sense
You’re leaving.

Doing so doesn’t
Begin to describe
The pending pain
Of acknowledging
The dissolution

Of what I knew

To be me…

And us.

If you now

That I’m not
The one
And only

For you…

So be it,

Or at least,
That’s what
I keep
Telling myself.

There is no shield,
Nor shelter,
For me…

Absent you.


Just find another.

Find someone better,
Someone more suitable,
Someone that
A fire in you
That I had hoped
To flame…

And forever dreamed of…
Even in this moment.

Maybe as I dwindle
To something less
Than a memory
Tangling your thoughts,
Something may yet
Cause you to reflect
On what you left.

And in the haze
Of those minimalist moments,
Of this you can be sure.

I’ll be here,
Where you left me…


Fingers bloodied,
Struggling fiercely
To clutch
Some semblance of life
Without you,

Dangling from
The cliff edge of a dream,

Toes hanging down,
And body,
And heart
Fighting to survive
On the edge,

On the edge

Of emptiness.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

23 thoughts on “On The Edge Of Emptiness

      1. Yes…I agree. I just feel like sometimes it’s so easy to dismiss someone before you really get to know and accept them. Or, fate simply demands a different course in life for each. Regardless, it can be so terribly difficult to give up on that special person you might believe to be your “one and only.” Just tried to capture a little bit of that in this work. Again, I so much appreciate your interest and thoughts!! 🙂


      2. Really appreciate it Dorothy! Tomorrow, I’ll post something more positive…promise. Don’t know what causes me to shift focus of the effort. Maybe it’s just hit or miss depending upon that little voice speaking from my heart. As always, I so much appreciate you investing your precious time to read my work! 🙂


      3. Just continue to flow with your heart. That’s what I did with my latest, and you called it perfect. Stay with your heart, it’ll never lead you wrong. I grow from your work. You are welcome.

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  1. My heart drops reading this. Sometimes people have to separate from each other to realize and appreciate what they have distanced themselves from. Maybe they will come back, maybe they won’t. It hurts, but in that distance you discover many truths. I hope your emptiness begins to fill up with beautiful things again, my friend. Really beautiful poem, as always. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Brandi! I so agree! Absence can make the heart grow fonder…but sometimes it’s simply not meant to be, is it? And perhaps unfairly, that sense of loss can be felt so much more deeply by one than the other. Sad, but true…and maybe that adds in some way to this tapestry we call life. Regardless, I really appreciate your analysis and feedback. So meaningful to me! 🙂

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      1. You’re very welcome, Bill! I totally agree. It does feel so unfair at times — like the person who leaves feels less hurt and longing than the person who wanted to stay. It seems so unbalanced, right? And, yes I agree with you on things sometimes not being meant to be. I try to look at that as something to be thankful for. One door closing can lead to the beginning of something better. 🙂

        I am so glad you appreciate my feedback on your words. Your writings always hit home for me, so it’s easy to talk about! You’re very welcome, my friend. 🙂

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      2. Really well spoken…and I think you’re spot on. Focusing on and trying to find the thing that can give us a little gratitude despite the difficulty in the situation keeps us centered and “tempers our steel.” Things that make us stronger and more aware are a blessing…yes? Your thoughts, Brandi, are so meaningful and welcome. Have a wonderful evening my friend. 🙂

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      3. Exactly! I could not have said that better, my friend! You are very kind, Bill. I just speak what I feel. I am very glad my thoughts are appreciated and welcome. Thank you for the well wishes and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Stay cool in the heat! 😊

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    1. Thanks EC! I’m so sorry if the verse reflected a negative aspect in your life! I just feel so strongly about this….how separation isn’t always experienced similarly by both parties. And for me, it’s just this sense of hanging on with life while the other seems to move forward in a nonchalant way. Totally unfair…but such is life. Regardless…I so much appreciate your thoughts and willingness to read my work!

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      1. I actually don’t mind being reminded of things that seem negative to people. I spend a great deal of time in contemplation about all things life, a good process for me. I also,like seeing/hearing/reading other people’s renditions of similar experiences
        And you’re a pleasure to read 🙂

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      2. Thanks EC. I agree. To me, it’s so important to find the good in the bad. If I can identify one positive thing in a bad experience, and accept that as something for which I’m grateful…that to me is a win. Balance in life, for me, is so difficult and something for which I strive in this effort. Frankly, I’m not always successful in such a nonplussed approach..but I keep trying nonetheless. And, I so much appreciate your work which I find to be frank and purposeful…and honest. That, my friend, is life…isn’t it. And for that reason, I always await you next post with anticipation. Keep them coming! 🙂

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