Their Own Dance Floor

There was no expectation
Was there?

Just a casual date,

Just a chance for each…

A man

And a woman,

Both hurting
From absence,
And longing,
And smoldering desire,

Simply feeling
For an option,
To live,
And love.

Small talk
Tall drinks
Began to expose
What each saw
In the other’s
Vision of forever.

But then,

Just then…

John Legend’s
“Slow Dance,”
Began to build

And move through
That bar’s sound system.

In that moment,
This man
And this woman

Heard in their wonting ears,
And felt,
In their beating hearts,

Just the rhythm,
And verse,

They had yearned for
In their listless lives.

No matter,
No dance floor
In that tiny bar.

This man
And this woman,
Followed their emotions
To their own dance floor,

Moving tables and chairs,

Clearing a space
To connect
And move,


And feel.

Knowing above all,
That they needed to risk,
And press forward,
And invest their hearts,

In the chance at forever…

They just needed

To make a space
In their lives
For one another…

They just needed
To create

Their own dance floor.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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