Just Now

I know
That I shouldn’t
Let these thoughts consume me…

But they do.

In the quiet
And stillness
Of this sunset,

My heart
And mind

Are overwhelmed,

Not just with
The beauty
Of the sky’s
Ever-changing palette
Of color,
And elegance,

But with the flood,
Of incessant yearning,
Demanding my attention,

Focusing on nothing,
But you.

Maybe I’m weak…

Maybe the emptiness
In my life
Enslaves me
To a never-ending
Dream of fulfillment,

Always searching
Always longing,

Always needing
Closure for my heart,

And knowing
With surety
That there is only
One solution…


I’m sorry
For the bleeding
And wanting.

I need so badly
To be there now
With you,

Holding on to nothing
In life,

But you.

Just in this moment
Of sunset grandeur,
I succumb.

Succumb to you,


Just now.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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