Just When You Least Expect It

It hurts so much
To accept
That I can’t be
With you now…

But know that
In the simple
Joys of life
I’m there
By your side.

When you wrap
Your hand
Around a mug of tea
On a cold winter’s day…

The seeping of warmth
Deep into your
Waiting finger tips
Will be me.

When a complete stranger
Offers you
An unexpected gesture
Of kindness…

That gentle swell
Of happiness
You feel
Is my wish for you,

When you
Feel a building heat
And longing
Deep down inside…

Know that
My heart,
And body
Burn for you.

Some day
This separation of us
Will end…

But until that day

I will be with you,

Exposed in the simple joys
Of life…

Just when you least
Expect it.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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