Stay In This Bed

I never seem
To struggle
When confronted
By this decision,

Early on a Saturday morning,
Just the faintest of breezes
Washing over our bedroom,

A hint of sunrise
Just beginning
To foretell a new day…

And you,
Woven into the bedding
As you were woven
Into me,
Last night…

In an elegance
That glows
Even in the dimness
Of the pending day.

I can still feel you,
And taste you…

The incense of
Our love-making
Yet filling my throat
And nostrils.

But now,
The Saturday
Needs to begin.

Much to do,
Many places to go.


I acknowledge
That there is
An enormous number
Of tasks before me today.

But maybe,
Just maybe,
They can wait
A little while longer.

I should just stay
In this bed,
Resting with you.

And when you finally wake,
Touch yet again
The most beautiful,
And captivating woman,
That I have ever known,
And want in my life…


Not a difficult decision.

Saturday can wait.

I’ll just wrap
My arms around you


Stay in this bed.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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