One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

“Just forget about her.”

So my mind
Directs my heart.

“She’s not that special.”

Another lie,
My mind spews.

“Too messy…too hard to
Make it work.”

And so it goes,
On and on.

Every time
That I try
To move forward
And forget
Our connection
And pure fit,

The rational me
And emotional me,
Fight for control,

For control
Of my happiness…

And my heart.

But let’s be clear,

When I look
At your photo
Over and over…

When I recall
Just having
Your hand
In mine…

When I sense
Your bare skin
Against my chest,

With the pull
Of my hands
On the small
Of your back,

Despite my mind’s
Best effort
To hold sway
And move me forward,

It’s just
Never quite good enough,
Is it?

Try as I might,

You still
Flood my life
With the whisper
Of your beauty,
And grace.

The more
I try
To forget you,
And move on,

There’s always,

A regression…

A regression
To the emotional mean
Of you.

And of course,
My heart loves this…

One step forward,

Two steps back.

Β© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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