After Hanging Up

To be sure,
I dread the moment
Before I even
Place the call
To you.

It’s not about
What we would,
Or wouldn’t say.

It’s not about
How long
The call would last.

It’s so much
And overwhelming.

So far away…

Just out of reach,
Me thirsting
For your touch…

The silk
And softness
Of your body
Enveloping my mind
And heart.


It’s not what we
Would say
Or share during
The call…

It has everything
To do
With the ending.

Remember the last time
You visited your Mom?

That visit
Was an investment in her life,
So empty now
In her aging years,
And missing all of her
Former self
And family.

And when you left,

You had hoped
That she would be happy,
That she would focus
On your commitment
Of another
Promised visit…

But you knew otherwise.

She smiled
And waved
As you drove away

Inside, she wept,
Her heart breaking
With the pending separation
From you.

So it is for me.

It’s not the call
That I fear,

To the contrary,
I can’t wait
To hear your voice.

It’s the moment

When the
Missing you
Overwhelms me,

It’s that moment…

The moment

Of emptiness
And loneliness
And longing



After hanging up.

Ā© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

16 thoughts on “After Hanging Up

    1. I think it’s so hard knowing a separation is pending. Guess one simply has to fight through it and hope that time passes quickly for the next reunion! šŸ˜Š. Really appreciate your thoughts!

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  1. This hit home today for I am visiting my mom this weekend. This is an absolutely beautiful way to describe the feeling of leaving or hanging up. Of course we cherish the moment we spent but the inevitability of the goodbye still hangs. Well done, Bill

    Liked by 1 person

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