Fall Into Me

I accept,
And stand steadfast

For you,

During these difficult times.

I cannot begin to truly
The pain that you must feel…
Confronting so
Many challenges in your life.

But that is not to say
That I don’t respect
The depth of despair
That you so surely sense.

I cannot assume
That my circumstances

Are your circumstances.

But this…

I know

With certainty.

When you worry…

When your life takes
An unexpected direction…

When the future seems

On this,

You can depend.

I am here

For you.

Just look at me,

See a strength
That is neither mine,
Nor yours…

But ours.

When you question…

When you agonize…

When you seek shelter…

When you need someone
To catch you,
And hold you,
And love you…

Look no further than me,

Here for you.

Just fall…

Fall into


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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