Let Me In

So much
Of my life
Has been spent,
Standing before
A locked door…

Beyond which lies
Safety and
Happiness and
Rapture and


Pure love.

I’ve knocked
Until my knuckles
Were raw.

I’ve rung the doorbell,
Wearing out
That option
As well.

In each case,
The door just cracked open,

Just enough
To hear that,

“She’s not here.”


“You’re not welcome.”


“You’re just not quite good enough.”

So many,

So many doors,

So many failures.

But now it’s you
Cracking open
Your door.

Maybe it’s your voice,

Maybe it’s your eyes,

Maybe it’s your smile,
Just a glimpse
Gifted to me
In this moment,

That urges a different outcome,
And a certainty
Never sensed
By this man,
So needing to hear “yes.”

This time,
So surely,
Is ours.

Me longing for what’s inside,
And hopefully you,

Longing for what’s outside.

All hinges on you…

Your needs,

Your desires,

Your dreams.

I am here.


So close,

So ready,

So committed
To a shared vision
Of perfection.

All I ask,

All I beg for,

Is to let me in,

Let me in to





Ā© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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