Every Inch Of You

You understand what
An enigma
You are
To me,
Don’t you?

Not so subtle hints
Whispered from
Your lips
Tease me.

Just the way
Your eyes
Play with mine
Is painful pleasure…

Not understanding
Exactly what
You feel
Or want.

But that’s the
Power of you
Holding sway
Over me.

I understand
And accept
That women
Can be coy.

I understand
And accept
That women
Hold all the cards,

And at least
In my case,
You always hold

The winning hand.

But this,


Must understand,
And accept…

No man can resist you,

None of us
Have a prayer
Of standing steadfast,
When confronted
By your singular
And power,
And beauty,
And mystery.

So let me
Learn you.

Grant me vision
Of your innermost secrets…
Just now.

Grant me
One chance,
To consume
Your vision
Of us.

Grant me
The bliss

To hold you,

To experience you.

Grant me
Just one chance

To explore
With my eyes,
With my fingers
And with my mind…

To explore

Every inch of you.

Β© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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