More Than That

The silky softness
Of your porcelain skin,

Joined with mine,
Is the perfect
Of beauty and bless.

The moistness of your lips,
Your caress of mine,
Need nothing further,
Than acknowledgement
Of your compelling beauty.

Your warmth,
And the cascading heat
That it builds,
Deep in me,
Reach a level of forever,
For which my body,
And heart,
Could only ever dream of,
And want.

But look at me,
My eyes
Speaking so clearly,
With such intent,
To yours.

This life needs,
A safe harbor,
And surety
Against the storms
That we
Certainly will face.

Of course,
I need passion.

Of course I need
The perfect touch and attention
Of you,
Beautiful woman.

Of course I need
To feel my heart beat,
As if
For the first time.

But beyond the physical
The pure pleasure of the day,
I seek something separate,
And singular.

I need to know,
And be certain of
A tomorrow.

These are my hands,
Ready to hold yours.


This is my heart,
Ready to race
With yours.

I am here,
And need,


Thirst for

Something beyond this moment,
This day.

I need to know,
That you
And me,
Are more than just this night…

This physical,
And emotional connection.

I need…

I need more,

So much more,

Than that.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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12 thoughts on “More Than That

  1. Amazing work! Thank you for sharing

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  2. You writing is always passionate

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  3. Excellent, so sensual, direct, full of passion and, at the same time, so amazingly tender and delicate. Heartfelt words like yours leave a reader like me breathless and surely there are many more out there feeling the same. I think your poems are incredibly romantic. I already told you are the poet of infatuation and unrequited love. Also, your language, direct and clear as a fountain, is very accessible to the general reader, even to those who never read poetry. What more can I say?

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    1. Wow…Marta…that is so generous of you to say, and so special to me. When I started this writing journey last summer, I didn’t know what to do, or how to do it. I just wanted to write. I love so much more a refined style of writing, but the voice I found in myself is simply not that. And as much as I try, the same voice inside me keeps whispering words to write in the same structure. So I guess I’m stuck. I’m just thankful that there are much more talented writers like you that sense some value in my efforts. I’m so grateful…thank you so much!!! 🙂

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      1. Bill, first of all I would not call that being stuck. It is your style, your topic and, as you say, the voice inside you that whispers such beauty and truth. What does refined mean? Using impersonal metaphors and symbolisms most people will never understand? This is fine too. I like this kind of poetry as well: T.S.Eliot, Sylvia Plath… Yours is just a different style. Your poems are always vibrant, never insipid, vulgar or rude, which is the danger that might appear when dealing with love and lust issues. You have found your own voice and that is extraordinary. That gives body and personality to your poems, a unique touch. As for my writing attempts, I don’t have the slightest clue. Much more talented than you? Who says that? Besides, comparisons are hateful and harm us all. First of all, English is just my third language though I admit having perhaps a little gift. I love language and literature and have a degree in both English and German. It is passion. I believe if you feel passionate about something you do it well and that is happening to you. Writing is also therapy. Someone said one hour dedicated to writing is like a two-hour meditation. Well, that is fantastic, isn’t it? So, please, do not throw stones against your roof and here a poem for you to remind us of the necessary confidence we often lack:

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      2. Thank you Marta… not only for the kind and thoughtful words, but your support as well! And I do agree with you on “writing as therapy.”. That’s exactly what I feel. Finally…”Confidence” is simply superb and captures the essence of the point. Really appreciated my friend! Have a great day!

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      3. You are very welcome. So glad you have liked my poem. You too have a lovely day!

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    1. So happy you enjoyed it!!! Thanks so much for your interest and investment of your precious time to read my work!

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