Just One Drop Of You

At this moment…

All is certain,

Nothing obfuscates my assessment,
Of what I need.

The solution is neither grandiose,
Nor complex.

Quite to the

My mind
And heart
And body
Exactly what I need.

Just your attention,

Just the gentleness
Of your grace,

Just the softness,
And sensuality of your touch,

Just the dream
Of you accepting…

And loving,

I don’t need
A 12-step process…

I don’t need
Group therapy…

I don’t need
An intervention.

All I need,
Are your silky fingertips,
Tracing a path
Of healing,
And redemption,
Across my chest.

All I need,
Is your encouragement.

All I need,
Is your commitment.

All I need is a whisper of your

All I need…

All I need,

Is just one drop

Of you.

Ā© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

22 thoughts on “Just One Drop Of You

      1. Yes…how did you know? But I struggle to find a restraint with my writing…even with the encouragement of my “facilitator.” Maybe it’s one of my many weaknesses.

        Liked by 1 person

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